The Story Continues

Then I went to the bottom

The Foundation is Important. Originally, I used the standard mulit-layer setup under the brood box as shown in the above photos. There was a landing board, a solid bottom and a ventalated bottom, but there was no tray to count mites or view hive droppings. The solid bottom was impossible to access and clean without removal from the hive. First, I modifed the exiting components. I modified the standard pieces and added a groove to allow a sheet pan to slide in between the solid and ventalated bottoms. This “drawer” was difficult to add, so I started making my own individual base components which included the pull out tray. The gap between the landing board and the ventalated bottom became a water entrance point to the observation tray, which I addressed in later designs. The total height of these three pieces was nearly 6”.
What do you want in your back yard?
One Piece--Four Functions. I saw a one piece base at a friend’s apiary which used a plastic mite tray, but the unit as a whole was not built or designed well. I then went to the drawing board to create a one piece base which served the function of the four conponents I had originally worked with. It included a removable solid bottom, a removable observation tray, and had the landing board and a ventalated bottom built in. For 10 frame boxes, I use a cookie sheet for the tray and the entire one piece base is only 3 ½” tall.