What do you want in your back yard?
Now I am offering that service to those who want a custom apiary, but cannot do the work themselves.
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I started at the top

Custom Hive Roofs. The easiest way to dress up a hive is to use a custom roof that resembles what we use in our own homes and buildings. I love copper, so I decided to use that as the roofing material of choice for most of my designs. My Design Background gave me a love of architecture. As a previous general contractor, I worked with lots of architects and did many design/build projects. I decided to put that experience to good use in building a distinctive apiary. The Learning Process was fast. With each new hive roof I got more creative, learned how to better scale the design, and found different methods to produce a sturdy but managable weight hive roof. I LOVE Copper, so I experimented with different ways to use copper to create different looks. Starting from flat rolls, I developed ways to shape scaled designs into the copper. I have produced standing seam, dimpled, v-groove styles and found appropriate means to conceal the fastening method.

Why We Are Beekeepers

The goal of Boutique Beekeeping is to advance the art and craft of beekeeping. We want to see every endeavor in beekeeping taken with the utmost respect for these amazing creatures we have chosen to manage. Our philosophy is that to become a better beekeeper, you need to study and learn more about bees, not other beekeepers. We believe that being a beekeeper should be fun and that our backyard apiaries should reflect our personalities, while giving the bees a suitable home. We promote these objectives through various means: 1. We offer to design and build custom bee wooden ware. 2. We perform speaking, educational and mentoring services. 3. We perform cutouts in our local area. 4. We offer hive hosting and variations on a limited basis. 5. We offer cutout consulting services nationwide. 6. We regularly participate in over a dozen Facebook groups regarding beekeeping. 7. We support 5 local bee associations in addition to our home club. 8. We have achieved the level of Certified Beekeeper from our state beekeeping association and are actively working to advance through all of the Master Beekeeping levels.
My Story
Why build custom?