What do you want in your back yard?
Now I am offering that service to those who want a custom apiary, but cannot do the work themselves.

Educational Services

Mentoring At Boutique Beekeeping we are more than just woodworkers. We are also beekeepers. We are a Certified Beekeeper working to advance under the Master Beekeeper program in this state. We support multiple local bee clubs in the 5 surrounding counties. It is very important for new or prospective beekeepers to find a local group, become involved and find a mentor. If you are a seasoned beekeeper, I encourage you to consider becoming a mentor. We are actively serving as mentors for several new beekeepers this season and will continue to do so in future years. Speaking I am on the speaker’s list for the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association. My topics of choice are cutouts and/or building bee equipment. If your club is interested in a presentation I can travel within reasonable distances, or we can schedule a virtual meeting. Cutout Consulting While we discourage anyone from attempting a cutout without the proper background, we do encourage those who possess the right combination of skills, or those who will partner with someone who has whatever is missing, to consider entering into this area. Bees who take up residence in structures only have a 25% chance of surviving the first winter. If you can relocate them early enough in the year, before the fall honey flow ends and temperatures decline, you can increase their chances. Still, you must give them the amount of care they need after you assess their health as a hive. To facilitate our effort to professionalize cutouts, we offer consulting services to help expand the proficiency in this part of beekeeping. We can offer in person help for anyone in our area, and phone or email support for those more distant. Whether you are just getting started with your first cutout, or you have one with special circumstances, our extensive background in general contracting and beekeeping is available to help you, as needed.
Videos Beginning in 2023, we will be producing educational videos and making them available on Youtube. We will also create brochures and white papers on various bee topics. The goal of these videos will be to address specific topics such as going over exactly what it takes to start in beekeeping. We hope these videos will be entertaining, but our primary goal is to advance the knowledge of beekeepers at all levels about the behavior of bees and how to more effectively manage your apiary. STAY TUNED
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