What Does Custom Mean?

If you can envision it, we can built it

We are not a production facility. Every part is individually cut and each piece is assembled by hand. That means that no two components are ever exactly alike. We work hard to ensure that each component stacks acruately on top of any other component and spend a considerable amount of time making sure each piece is square and flat during the construction process. We carefully glue and nail every joint and check and recheck measurments. But wood expands and contracts, and some wood will move. Since the interiors are always unfinished, there will be some changes to the wood that is normal. Design. For roofs, we draw out the shape of the design to make sure the scale works on a bee hive size roof. Pretty much, if you can find a picture to show what you want, we can design a roof to represent that style. The photos in this section show some of the inpirations which led to roofs we designed and built. For all custom components, we make sure we understand what you want, and get your approval before we begin.
What do you want in your back yard?