What do you want in your back yard?
Now I am offering that service to those who want a custom apiary, but cannot do the work themselves.
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You are a small backyard or sideline beekeeper who prefers the appearance of your hives to reflect your personality and suggest your unwavering commitment to bees. You wish you could bring your love of design into an elegant apiary that makes you smile with pride.
Scroll though the following pages for inspiration and envision your one of a kind apiary. Share your ideas with us how we can provide further customization, just for you.
Using the sophistication and endurance of copper for architecturally styled roofs, and the natural beauty and longevity of eastern red cedar, you can now fill your yard with works of functional art. Each hive will be crafted to your specifications to incorporate both style and purpose, forming a unique skyline of custom creations.
The bees will love the natural rough wood interior of the hive boxes and over time, their instinctive drive to propolize will help fill the hive with beneficial properties for the health of your bees. A stylish one piece base allows four functions in a mere 3 ½” profile.