How Does This Work?

Our process is custom as well.

Think of us as your own personal woodshop, just for bee equipment. We are willing to undertake any design and construction challenges, as long as they are physically possible. Limits & Restrictions We will only initiate a hive order if it includes a custom roof. We are happy to build any other components or accessories as part of that order. We will consider designing and building a prototye of a custom functional piece you have in mind to accomplish something specific, but it will be subject to a minimum cost and a seperate design fee. We love to find new ideas to solve problems. We prefer to build an entire hive with all matching accessory pieces but we will just build a custom roof if you prefer. If you are getting a hive, be sure to ask about all custom devices we can build to go along with the roof, boxes and base. If you are just getting a roof without other hive parts, and need it to match your current hive color scheme, we can finish it if you provide us the paint details, or we will prime it, ready for your application of finish color. If it is to be natural we will do all of the finishing. We fully prime the interior of our roofs to prevent the buildup of mildew. We also provide ventalation into all of our roofs as part of the design. We only provide the boxes as part of an entire hive order and they will be assembled and finished. If you want to decorate them yourself, you can apply the detail over our finish.
What do you want in your back yard?
We currently only do Langstroth vertical hives, but in any frame width or size you want. If you have a special request, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are willing to consider other hive styles. We will build out of any suitable wood species you choose, provided we can get what we need. Widths of boards required for deep boxes can sometimes be an issue and we prefer not to glue up smaller widths to make boxes. We do drawings for custom pieces the old fashioned way, using paper and pencil. We will not provide drawings for our in house creations or standard components, but we will provide drawings for anything we custom create for you. You must approve our sketches before we begin work.